Nature parks

Podere Il Martellino - agriturismo : Follonica, Maremma Toscana - Uccellina natural park [image by Marco Bellucci]As we have already said The Martellino extends itself in the Montioni Park that stretches between the provinces of Grosseto and Livorno. Inside there are the remains which showed the presence of man since the Middle Paleolithic, then evidence of Etruscan, but most of the ruins date back to the medieval period as the many castles in the area signify. The park is characterized by the mining of alum (mineral from the multiple uses), which over the centuries (his presence was discovered in 1470) has experienced mixed fortunes to cease completely in 1938.

The area also includes the forest named Bandite di Scarlino, so called because well 2 / 3 of the 8700 hectares are located in the town of Scarlino and does not derive from the robbers, but by the announcements that were made to sell lots of woods. Like the rest of the Park Montioni, even the Bandite have evidence of the presence of human settlements since the beginning, aided by weather that fertile land and water availability, both the Parks finally have a proper and efficient network of paths, of clear signage, viewpoints and educational tours.

Infine, laddove una catena di colline impervia e selvaggia discende verso il mare con spiagge sabbiose e scogliere, circondata da paludi, pinete, campi coltivati e pascoli, eccoci al Parco Naturale della Maremma, noto anche come Parco dell’Uccellina, dai monti omonimi che si trovano al suo centro. Da qui si domina con lo sguardo tutta la costa tirrenica e le isole antistanti, il Giglio, l’Elba fino alla Corsica.