Metalliferous Hills

Podere Il Martellino - agriturismo : Follonica, Maremma Tuscany - Metalliferous Hills [image by ghgg]Metalliferous hills have always been the active and working heart of the Maremma and testify to a past when life was much harder. As the name says, these hills that extend as far as the Gulf of Follonica are rich in minerals and house mines exploited since ancient from which was extracted iron, copper, lead, zinc, pyrite, and silver.

The Mining Park of Gavorrano offers a glimpse of the life of the mines and miners due to the quarry of Ravi-Marchi, the Park of the Rocks, with “Theater of the Rocks” that is used for cultural events, and the Mining Museum. A very spectacular phenomenon related to the richness of the soil of this region are the geysers of Travale and Monterotondo Marittimo, steam rooms where you lose the trees of the Mediterranean.